Munters On-demand Webinar On Cold Storage in the Food Industry

45 Minutes

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Martin Ginty

Business Development Manager

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Webinar on Cold Storage in the Food Industry

Cold storage is a common and great method used to preserve food items for longer periods of time. However, humid air can cause frost and ice on the packaging and inside the storage unit. This can lead to several issues and impact work conditions, product quality, and maintenance requirements. 

Martin Ginty, Business Development Manager at Munters, explains why humidity matters in cold stores. 

Martin gives an overview of the challenges with cold stores and freezers, why so many face frost, fog, and ice, and the impact of these issues. He will continue looking at humidity loads and ingression, the scale of the problem, and how it can be controlled.


What you’ll learn:

  •  Why humidity control matters in cold stores
  • How to improve products quality
  • How to keep the facility safe for workers
  • How to lower operating costs


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