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Martin Ginty

Market Intelligence Manager Food Production, Munters

Are Your Processes and Storage Facilities Ready for the Challenges Ahead?

With the recent surge in cocoa bean prices and other confectionery ingredients, evaluating whether your process and storage facilities are up to the task is critical. As the availability of cocoa beans and their derivatives is expected to decline, minimizing production waste due to poor humidity control is more important than ever. Are production and storage losses affecting the prices you pass on to your customers?

Join our on-demand confectionery webinar, where Martin Ginty, Market Intelligence Manager for Food Production at Munters, will discuss the importance of maintaining an optimal indoor climate during ingredient storage. This is crucial to minimizing waste and ensuring the quality of products such as chocolate bars, breakfast cereals, cookies, and other treats.

Webinar Details:

  • Date: Available on-demand
  • Speaker: Martin Ginty, Market Intelligence Manager Food Production, Munters

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Addressing Today’s Storage Challenges:
    • As ingredients become scarcer and cocoa prices rise at alarming rates, is your current process and storage system up to the challenge? Can your business afford the same level of losses as before?
  2. Optimal Storage Climate Throughout the Production Chain:
    • From pneumatic transport and storage silos to cooling tunnels and post-production storage in warehouses, each stage requires the right climate-control solution to ensure ingredient quality.
  3. Energy Savings to Prevent Unnecessary Price Increases:
    • Maintaining a stable and optimized indoor climate can reduce energy consumption in production and storage, thereby avoiding additional costs for consumers.
  4. Remote Control for Faster Intervention:
    • Implement intelligent, remote control of your climate solutions to stay informed and intervene quickly if conditions threaten the quality of your scarce ingredients.

Watch now to learn how to future-proof your confectionery production and storage processes against rising ingredient costs and ensure the highest product quality.

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